An individual

I’m a programmer, a regular reader, occasional blogger, and eager learner. Sometimes I lead others, sometimes I led by others, mostly I work in the team.

I love to travel with family & friends, I am passionate about world movies and prefer listening songs at times. Sometimes I go for trekking, occasionally prefer to capture the candid moments in camera.

At times, I like to be alone, sometimes I prefer to be with nature, but always love to be with loved ones, no matter wherever they are.

Being an engineer

In the field of software engineering, over period of a decade –

I got the chance to meet seasoned engineers and awesome designers, tough task masters and people managers, excellent teachers and leaders with great insight. Interaction with those souls helped me to grow professionally and personally.

I have got an opportunity to write in languages that have executed on iPhone, Windows, PDAs and Micro-Controllers, by applying some “solid” and fundamental principles; used well-known repositories to keep the code safe, all by practicing popular processes of software development.

Few more facts...

  • I Can speak English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi
  • I Can write
    • in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi for Humans and
    • in C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, C# (and few more) for machines
    • in node for cloud
  • Have work experience and solutions provided for industries like
    • Health care, social platform, e-commerce, warehousing and inventory systems
  • Got my first job after completing assignment (as part of interview process) by writing keyboard device driver to 8052 micro-controller
  • Love to read books and attempting to write few.
  • I stay in [Dombivli] (, near Mumbai, west region of India


(+91) 9819887557


Dombivli, Maharastra 421203